UNA Hair Products
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We started this company over 10 years ago because we found that locating the right product for our different hair types was difficult.  It didn’t matter which store or salon we went to they carried a multitude of different lines for different hair types and we felt there was no one product or company that was the true leader.

We did a great deal of research into companies that make professional hair products as well as the products themselves.  We felt it was important that the manufacturer believed in their product and put resources behind their development, as well as their creativity & growth.

We have continued our search for companies and products that meet our top two requirements:
1. The passion they have for their products is number one.
2. The ingredients in their products help meet everyone's desire to be healthy and now more than ever contain organic ingredients.

Many products are composed of Water-Based elements, this makes a natural fit for our bodies as we are 80% water.  Respecting the planet and ourselves is where nature meets beauty.

Our company, UNA Hair Products, believes in providing the best quality products, great customer service and the best shopping experience for our customers.

UNA Quality - UNA Service - UNA Experience

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