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Welcome to our 2021 website.

Make sure to check our Deal of the Day section regularly as many of our most popular products go on sale for just a day or two.

We have added a new line of products called Arganway. Argania Spinosa is one of the planet's oldest species and has soothing,hydrating and nourishing properties. We have these products on special so now is a good time to try them, especially those of you who have dry, dehydrated hair.

Using our organic products means several things to you as an informed consumer:

i) cutting out parabens, perfumes and other harsh ingredients is better for you
ii) money spent goes further as you don't have to use as much as traditional products purchased in the past
iii) your hair will thank you as it will be healthier, shinier and easier to manage with the right product.

If you are unsure which product is right for you just email us at and we will be happy to assist you. Our group of experts will make suggestions on which products will help your particular issue and answer any question(s) you have about your hair.

*All qualifying orders over $125.00 ship for free.

*For 2021 we have continued our write a review surprise gift give away. So write a review on your favorite product(s)on our website and get a surprise gift in your next order in 2021. So write a review 1st, then order and get your surprise gift now.

Extreme Grungy Glue Pliable Paste Moisturizing Oil Treatment
Extreme Grungy Glue
Our Price: USD$27.98
Sale Price: USD$20.00
You save USD$7.98!
Pliable Paste
Our Price: USD$27.98
Sale Price: USD$20.00
You save USD$7.98!
Moisturizing Oil Treatment
Our Price: USD$55.98

Comes in a 100 ml tube. Comes in a 100 ml tub. Comes in a 12x10 ml vile box.
Intensive Hydrating Mask Moisturizing Masque Instant Repair Leave-in Oil
Intensive Hydrating Mask
Our Price: USD$33.98
Moisturizing Masque
Our Price: USD$29.98

Instant Repair Leave-In Oil
Our Price: USD$37.98
Sale Price: USD$35.00
You save USD$2.98!
Comes in 500ml tub. Comes in a 250 ml tube. Comes in 100ml bottle.
Intensive Protein Treatment Designing Oil Non Oil Color Protection Hair Bath
Intensive Protein Treatment
Our Price: USD$27.98
Designing Oil Non Oil
Our Price: USD$29.98

Color Protection Hair Bath
Our Price: USD$23.98
Comes in a 250 ml tube. Comes in a 250 ml bottle. Comes in a 300 ml bottle.
Volume Hair Bath Moisturizing Mask Moisture Repair Shampoo
Volume Hair Bath
Our Price: USD$23.98
Sale Price: USD$15.00
You save USD$8.98!
Moisturizing Mask -500ml
Our Price: USD$43.98

Moisture Repair Shampoo
Our Price: USD$31.98
Comes in a 300 ml bottle. Comes in 500ml tub. Comes a 500 ml bottle.

Get Happy, Healthy Hair With Our Professional Beauty Supply Products

If you’re looking to purchase Italian hair products online, you have come to the right place. Many beauty supply stores and salons fail to identify the best shampoos and conditioners for all types of hair. UNA Hair Products aims to deliver high-quality hair care lines and natural hair products for all hair types. Our UNA hair products are developed by Italian manufacturer Rolland Laboratories, and composed of nutrient-rich natural products. For instance, our UNA line is created by using water-based products that preserve the hair’s natural beauty. We also offer an organic hair care line, O WAY, and a high-performance line, ETNIKA.

Please browse our large selection of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling products and sun care. Don’t forget to check out our “Deal of the Day” tab for great deals on your favorite Rolland UNA hair products. New deals are added every day. We also offer many BOGO deals on our products, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best price for superior hair care items! Buy Rolland hair products and be on your way to healthier hair today!

Today's Super Deal!

Sun Protective Lip Gloss
Sun Protective Lip Gloss
Comes in a 15 ml tube in 3 shades; natural, bronze and rose.

Top Sellers

Restructurizing Treatment
Our Price: USD$55.98
Hair Loss Dynamic Remedy
Our Price: USD$67.98
Oxygenating Hair Loss Treatment
Our Price: USD$53.98

New Products

Hbalance Shampoo
Our Price: USD$42.98
Our Price: USD$39.98